We’re so excited and blessed to be able to share our love for education with the children of our community. Our academy provides quality education; with bible based values for students grades 1 to 12. We Strive to not only provide each child with a safe environment and great education, but to also provide each student with the building blocks to live a successful life. We want to provide not just academic opportunities, but also equip each child with good moral values, financial knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, the spirit of service, leadership and excellence.



We want to inspire all of our students to explore, and discover their God given gifts, talents and abilities. To be their best for God in all they do.



Transform and impact their lives in a positive way. Such that they will in return inspire positive transformation in the lives of others they come in contact with.



Empower our students to go after their dreams, do good in the community, let their voices be heard and be used by God, and Also live a life of excellence and thrive.

Just A Note:

Thank you for visiting our site. We're currently working on adding more features and information, but it will take some time. We're testing and making sure it all functions properly before we launch. We thank you for your support and patience.  In the mean time we encourage you to call our office and schedule a visit or phone appointment for more information. All appointments will be scheduled for after school hours. We value the time of our students and want to honor them by focusing on them during school hours by minimizing distractions.   



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